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Speed Frame

REITER Speed frame F-1/1, F-5, Spares for Lakshmi LF-1400, 1400A, GS, TS-15, LF-1660, LF-1465 MMC S3, S4, S5 speed frame , TEXTOOL TS-15 speed frame, JEETSTEX.

LR GS, Textool TS-15 speed frame LR LF-1400, LF-1400a, LF-1465 speed frame MMC S3, S4, & S5 Speed frame
Closed & open type flyer & pressures Air pressure hose Main drive aluminium pulley
pleasing wires Fluid couplings No.9 & No.10 Fluid coupling
Apron tension rollers Pneumafil suction pipes Flat pulley
Forks Ball joints Adaptors
Spindles Toggle brake assembly Sun gear
Coolers Brake plate Spindle & Bobbin wheels
Separators Fibre gears Reversing and Striking bevel
Tension springs Spindle and bobbin wheels Chain wheels
Closed and open condensers Conical brake lining Studs
Polyurethane 10 & 12 serrations false twisters Electro magnetic brake & clutches Creel drive gear box wheel
Wire rope assemblies Filters and regulators Shafts
Lifting chain assemblies & fasteners Pistons Top & bottom cone shafts
Bearing brackets Oil seals Ratchet Gears
Dead weight Top & bottom cone shaft Fibre Gears
Support Telescopic brush Oil Seals
Creel pulleys & Brackets Fluted & knurled rollers Regulators
Floating condensers Propeller shaft  
Worm and worm gears Positive clearer device  
Bevel gears Pressure hose assembly  
Cone drum belts Telescopic tube  
Studs Brake shoe assembly  
Top arm Splined shaft  
Spindle and bobbin wheels Spindle and bobbin drive shaft  
Spindle oil filter and extractors    
Fibre gears