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Cheese Winder

Base Cam Plate 85-276 15 mm Holding Bar for Upper Guide Pulley Cradle Lock Shaft
Base Bracket 38 MM Collar for Bearing Assembly 86-44-4-X Tension Bracket Guide Bracket Holding Shaft
Shaft Bracket Lock Lever Housing Blade R.H Stopping Rod
Motor Rail 85 115-4 Pin for Cam Plate 85-277 Upper Ball Wire Supply Shaft 15 mm
Motor Rail Shaft (Outer Side) RMP 125 Swing Plate Housing Complete 85-265 Gauge Washer Balloon Breaker Bracket Shaft
Motor Rail Shaft (inside) RMP 125 Joining Padestal : 85-77-3 Clamp Support Shaft
Adjusting Screw RMP 2650 Stop Motion Patti Thread Guide Support Bracket Assembly
Adjusting Screw RMP 176 Stop Motion Collar Flannel Washer Supply Flat
Supply Fly Small Joining Bracket : 85-260 Tension Disc Balloon Shaft Angle
Supporting Bracket 127 Swing Plate : 85-268 Green Weight Clamp
Motor Rail Bracket Drop Wire : 85-269 Yellow Weight Balloon Breaker Bracket
Aluminium Bearing Cap 85 – 544 Hook wire with Ceramic eye : 85-267 Tension Collar Balloon Wire Collar
Adjusting Screw Collar B.B 6205 ZZ with Sleeve and Nut Tension Lock Collar Balloon Wire Small
Motor Rail Knob Stop Motion Paddesttle Washer for Small Screw Balloon Wire Big
Craddle Holder 85-41-18 Bearing Cap 85-544-XY Washer for Big Screw Balloon Wire Bend
Craddle 85-72-98x (TFO) Swing Plate Cover : 85-266 Spring Motor Pulley 450 YPM
Craddle 85-72-98x Channel : 85-103-2X Small Screw for Blade Motor Pulley 350 YPM
Lock clamp 85-671 Shaft : 85-65-3 Lock Screw for St.Pin Motor Pulley 550 YPM
Weight 85-89-13x 16 MM Pin : 85-288 Big Screw for Blade Stop Motion Shaft Pulley Big
Pin and Washer for Weight 85-89 Stop Motion Bracket : 85-1475 Screw for Thread Guide Plate Idle Pulley
Pivot Cover R.H 85-27A Spring for S.M Lever Spring (S.S):85-1485 Tension Disk Stop Motion Shaft Pulley Small
Pivot Cover Screw 85-274 Stop Motion Lever : 85-33-7C3 Pin. Nut and Washer for Tension Bracket Taper Bush for Motor Pulley
Pivot R.H R-7: 85-271 Pin : 85-287 Blade L.H Stop Motion Pulley Medium
Pivot L.H R-7: 85-271 Pin & Washer Starting Handle Traverse Pulley ‘B’
Craddle Handle with knob Lock Pin : 85-1470-18X Balance Weight Reduction Gear Box
Compression Spring 85 – 273 Lock Pin Clamp : 85-1470 Starting Handle Bracket Coupling
Pivot Cover L.H 85-273 Stop Motion Coupling 85-1039 Rollar for Balance Weight Electric Motor
Pivot Screw Screw 85-274 Allen Pin with gt Pin.Nut and Washer for Balance Weight Ribbon Breaker Unit
Coupling Screw & Washer 85-A-940 Star Washer Starting Handle Lever Pin Stand
Coupling for Drive Sahft 85-A-939(2) B.B 6205 ZZ Bakelite Knob Cover
Drive Shaft Padestal : 85-78XY Clamp for Yarn Lifting Wire : 85-1484 Shelves Bracket Steel Cam Pieces
Drive Shaft Padestal : 85-78XY Pin and Washer Switch Lever Cam for Contactor
Bakelite Drum 85-5140X Stop motion Shaft : 85-54-3AB Lock Shaft Bracket Bearing Pin for Cam
Double B.B Padd : 85-79-4 Padestal for G.Box Drive Shaft Lever for Yarn Lifting Wire : 85-1483 Shaft Cam Bearing
Yarn Lifting Wire Upper Brake Plate : 85-283A Foot Bracket Cam Bearing Holding Bracket
T.Bkt : 85-80 Lower Brake Plate : 85-283 Leg Nut for M.S.Stud
Pin & Washer for T Bracket 85-80-2 XY 6 MM Pin and Washer : 85-284 Leg Adjuster R.H or L.H (Small) Washer for M.S Stud
Ball Bearing Sleeve MDP-119 Roller Pin : 85-287 Leg Adjuster R.H or L.H (Big) M.S. Plate
B.B Sleeving Nut MDD-120 16 mm Pin 85-288 Pin. Nut & Washer for Asjuster Leg Guide Collar
Gear Box Drive Shaft : 85-65-3 Brake Lever Bracket : 85-285 Bolt, Nut and Washer for Joining Legs Nut for Contacts
Washer Small 1304 Brake Lever Centre Shaft Bracket Washer for Contacts
B.B 6205 ZZ Setting Pin Supply Bracket for Leg Upper Fibre Plate
Washer Big Roller Nylon Combined Bracket Lower Fibre Plate
B.B 6207 ZZ Lower Guide Pulley Housing Supply Spindle with Nylon Peg Spring for Moving Contacts
Angle M.S : 85-40-15 Lower Guide Pulley Supply Bracket Big Moving Silver Contact
Traverse Sahft 100” : 85-54-3 Upper Guide Pulley Supply Bracket Small Fixed Silver Contact
Centra Shaft : 85-52-15 Upper Guide Pulley Housing Balloon Spring Angle for Fixing Contactor
Bearing Assembly : 85-43-15X Upper Guide Pulley Bracket Tie Rod Spring for _” – Dia M.S.Stud
Spring for Bearing Assembly CS-82-772 Pin and Nut Washer for 15 mm Holding Bar Supply Dia M.S Stud
  B.B.R –7 with stud for Upper and Lower Guide Pulley