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Our Company manufactures a wide range of forgings from 500 grams to 45 kilograms and up to 1 meter in length. We supply both Forged and Fully machined components for various industries.

Manufacturing Process

The process of producing forging involves the following
  • Cutting the steel rods into smaller billets of appropriate sizes, using band saw machines, a hot shear or a cold shear.
  • Heating the billets (Pusher type furnaces) in the computerized controlled induction heater.
  • Forging the billet into the desired shape with appropriate die on the forging press.
  • Trimming the excess metal (flash) around the piece using a trimming press.
  • Heat treatment (either hardening and tempering, annealing or normalizing) to strengthen the microstructure of the metal.
  • Shot blasting to remove the oxide layer (scale) on the forging surface.
  • 100 % quality check using Magnaflux machines for crack detection.
  • Using a bench or hand-held grinders to polish the rough edges.
  • Using CNC lathes to machine the rough forging into a finished component to meet close tolerance requirement as per specifications.


Die Shop

A completely equipped Die-shop with VMC duly supported by CAD/CAM Technology, Copy Die sinking machines and Electric Discharge Die sinking facilities for ensuring perfect repeatability.

Forge Shop

Equipped with Drop Hammers and Forging Presses along-with temperature controlled eco-friendly Induction Heaters, Bench Grinders, Shearing & Shot-blasting machines, Brinell hardness tester and other Inspection equipments. forging

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