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Steel Castings are ideal for parts that endure wear, heavy loads, stronger than cast Iron & tough. The alloy elements added to alloy steel castings to obtain derivable chemical and mechanical properties. Heat treatment is essential for certain alloy steel castings for easy machining & increase wear resistance and remove hydrogen trapped at the surface of casting.

  1. Carbon Steel Castings
  2. Stainless Steel Castings
  3. Alloy Steel Castings


Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB, WCC
Carbon Steel for Low Temperature Service ASTM A 352 GR. LCB, LCC, LC1, LC3 & 1C

Carbon steel precision castings don't have surface quality and dimension precision requirement as high as stainless steel precision castings. Thus we normally apply water glass - silica sol combined molding means to cast carbon steel castings. Such carbon steel investment castings have better surface quality and dimension precision than those produced by unique water glass precision casting process. Either way, my goal is to make your experience comfortable, guided, fast, and efficient.

Heat treatment & Surface Treatment is the most common post treatment process in order to improve its mechanical property.


Stainless steel SS 304, SS 316, SS 310, and SS316L etc

1. It resists atmospheric corrosion, attachment of acids & chemicals, scaling.
2. Can be designed to resist corrosion & high temperature oxidation.
3. Application of SS is where unusual mechanical properties like hardness, strength,     toughness or ductility are required.
Stainless steel precision casting involves necessary Mirror Polishing and post precision CNC machining to obtain fine geometrical dimensions.


Alloy Steel ASTM 430, ASTM410, ASTM 416,etc

Alloy steel precision casting can be a high demanding process of steel precision casting. Normally there are no ready certain steel ingots available in market, that means we have to alloy the required steel alloy as per the chemical composition provided by the customer.

We use standard ingots for alloying by adding other elements like nickel, chrome, carbon, manganese and so on. The alloying liquid will be tested by spectrometer till it meets the required chemical composition.

In order to achieve precise alloying process, we always do clean melting pots clear with special solvent. An unclean crucible will add extra iron and oxidized dross to the melting liquid as deteriorates the alloying.

Heat treatment is a necessary process for alloy steel investment castings. Heat treatment can bring about improvement of surface hardness, relieving casting stress, increasing toughness and strength. Nearly all alloy steel investment castings require heat treatment to improve its mechanical property. We are in touch with reliable vendors for all types of post treatments.

Post treatments

Heat treatment for steel castings Painting Electroplating for steel castings
We use latest technology to produce steel casting and are responsive to varied requirement of customers. For your industrial needs kindly forward us your enquiries for an immediate attention.