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Comber Spares

Rieter comber: E-7/5, E-7/5A, E-7/6, E-60, E-60H, E-62, E-65, E-70
Rieter & LMW comber: E-7/4, sliver lap lE-2/4A, ribbon lap lE-41A
Speed frames: LR GS, LR LF1400, LF 1400A, and Textool TS 15
Rieter speed frame: F-1/1, F-5

Nipper unit Gas spring
Front nipper support Trumpets
16T Ratchet gear Fiber spools & Nylon spools
Needle bearing Nitto Top comb blade with 26N/cm & 30N/cm
Trumpet Coilers spares
Pressure hope Brush in two halves
Air filter regulators Terminal Motor assembly
Cardon shaft Circular comb body
Tension Element Suction fan
Air filter regulator M10, M12 Brake assembly
Fluted roller Differential gear
Top rollers complete All type of gears
Pneumatic cylinder Shafts
Saddles Chain wheel
Pulleys Lap feed arrangement