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Overhead Travelling Cleaner


Stop – Start – Reverse Switch Box Worm Gear (16m/min speed) 20 Dia Plastic Cap
Push Button(Red,Green,Yellow) Worm (12/min speed) Locking Ring
Current Collector Bow Assembly Worm Gear (12m/min speed) 10 Dia Plastic Cap
100 Dia Flexible Hose (Sunction) Locating Pin Guide Roller 124 Dia PVC Hose Dummy
60 Dia Flexible Hose (Blowing) Nylon Spacer Flat Nozzle Attachment
PVC Cable Gland Nylon Bush Floor Nozzle
PVC Cable Channel Current Collector Bow Assy 18 mm Taper Nozzle
100 Dia Hose Clip (for Switch Box) Supporting Bracket “B” 30 Dia Blind Nozzle
Base Plate Nylon Guide Bush Taper Nozzle Attachment
Bolt for Turning Angle Non Drive Roller Straight Nozzle
Nylon Wheel (Non Drive end) Supporting Bracket “A” Blind Nozzle
Swinging Bracket Bearing Bolt 100 Dia Flexible Hose
Fork Non Drive Roller Cap 106 dia Hose Clip
Bearing Bolt for Wheel Brush Box Clamp “A” 130 dia Hose Clip
Lever Fixing Block Brush Box Clamp “B” Hose Holder
Lever PVC Hose 40 Dia 30 dia Taper Nozzle
Lever “B” Drive Roller Suction Nozzle for Flyer
Lever Joint “B” Gear Shaft Synthetic Rubber Hose
Lever Joint “C” Aluminium Bracket 100 Dia PVC Hose
Lever Joint “A” Worm (16m/min speed) 50 x 25 Dummy
Lever “A” Worm Gear (16m/min speed) 100 x 40 Dummy
Spring Worm (12m/min speed) 80 x 40 Dummy
Control Shaft Worm Gear (12m/min Speed) Brush Box
Lever “C” Fan 2.2 KW ( w/o painting) Carbon Brush
20 Dia PVC Sleeve Fan 3 KW (w/o painting) Current Collector 4 Pole
Lever Joint “D” Motor Fixing Bracket Current Collector 5 Pole
Ball Joint Fan End Plate Proximity Switch (3 Wire)
Drive Shaft Fixing Bracket Fan Seating Ring Proximity Switch (2 Wire)
Nylon Roller (Drive End) Fan Hub ( w/o painting) Clamp for Obstacle sensor
Gear Box Shaft Motor Fixing Bracket Connecting Bolt for straight
Motor Fixing Bracket Lever Joint “E” MS Rail Support
Guide Roller Fixing Carriage Lever “D” Duct Holding Pin
Guide Roller Lever “E” Aluminium Connector (Bore dia required)
Guide Bolt 125 Dia PVC Hose MS Rectangular Tube(50x25x3)
Worm (16m/min speed) Blind Nozzle with Slot T Piece (Bore dia required)
Sensor Screen C (Reverse) 34 dia M S Pipe (Length reqd) Leather Hose 75 dia
Distance Angle Sensor Screen E (curve) Mango Nozzle 75 dia
Stopper Angle Cover Locating Piece MS Nozzle 45 deg 75 dia
100x40 Rect.Tube Joining clamp Straight Nozzle 200 mm with orifice Nozzle for Speed Frame
Footing Pipe fixing clamp Straight Nozzle 150 mm with orifice Taper Nozzle 30 dia, 15 deg, 100 mm with orifice
Locating Bush Straight Nozzle 100 mm with orifice Hose Clip 63 dia
Angle Fixing Plate Taper Nozzle 30 dia, 30 deg,150mm with orifice Hose Clip for drive Motor, 110 dia
Duct End Cover Taper Nozzle 30 dia, 30 deg,100 mm with orifice Current Collector Cleaning Brush
Strip Connector Assembly Hylam seperator Duct Cleaning Brush
Plastic Duct Joint Assly   Inspection Hole Cover (Plastic)