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Positive Clearer Systems

Bestex manufactures Textile Spares suitable for all types of Positive Revolving Clearer Systems/Cleaning devices on Speed Frames like LR LF 1400, LR LF 1400A, Texmaco RME, Toyoda F16, Drawing Machine, Comber Machines, Ribbon Lap Machines and Sliver Lap Machines and any other Speed frame.

Spares for LR1400 & LF1400A Simplex Top Positive Clearer System
Comb Blade Cheese Head Screw
Screw Assembly for Comb Blade Dia 10 mm Pin
Comb Holder Main Drive Shaft
Triangular Connector Driven Roller Assembly
Comb Hinge Tray Plate
Comb Hinge Stopper Square Washer
Comb Spring Cloth Guide Assembly
Puller Cloth Guide
Puller Lock Folder Hook and M3 Rivet
Lock Screw Folder Hook Spring
Clearer Cloth Connecting Rod
Drive Rod Assembly Connecting Rod Spring
Ratchet Wheel Connecting Rod Enclosure
Wheel Holder Cam
Pawls Main Rod Coupling
Pawls Spring M5 Rivet Suitable for SP 138 Split Pin
Lock Washer Arm Bracket
Driving Roller Bushes Main Rod Bearing
Driving Roller Holder Button Bearing Cover
Step Bolt Collars
Drive Gear Holder MMC Comb Assembly
Helical Stud LRGS Cam Housing

Spares for LR1400 & LR.LF1400A Simplex Bottom Positive Clearer System
Front Guide Spring Stud Knob
Comb Blade Front Guide Distance Bush
Comb Blade Screws and Washers Side Arm L.H
Comb Holder Side Arm R.H
Comb Holder Stud Side Arm Stud
Comb Holder Nylon Bush Side Arm Spring – Back
Triangular Connector Heavy Tray
Triangular Connector Screws Heavy Tray Fixing CSK Screw
Comb Hinge Spring Guide Stud
Comb Spring Spring Guide Assembly Mounting Screw
Triangular Connector Pin Spring for Guide Assembly
Lock Washer Spring Guide Assembly
M5 Hex Bolt Tension Lock
Comb Hinge Connector Puller Tension Lock Fork
Cam Connector Puller Crown – Tension Weight
Cam-Comb-Connection Fastener Tension Spring Housing with Adjustment Screws
Drive Rod Assembly Tension Spring
Ratchet Housing Tension Lock Assembly Shaft
Ratchet Wheel Shaft Fixing Screw
Pawls - Big Shaft Fixing Taper Washer
Pawls - Small Driving Roller
Pawls Spring Clearer Cloth
Pawls Rivet Synthetic Apron
Connector Rivet Cam Connector
Split Pin Cam Connector Rivet
Ratchet Bush Button Hex Bolt and Washer
Ratchet Wheel Pin Front Guide
Side Arm Spring – Front Front Guide Stud Female
Driving Roller Holder Button Front Guide Stud Male