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Bestex Castings has become a reliable source for leading industries by virtue of its commitment towards quality.

Bestex Grey Iron castings & SG Iron castings are produced as per customer requirements in various forms, size & shapes. Grey Iron can be alloyed to increase strength, hardness & microstructure. It is easily machinable and used for engineering application in almost all fields.

The mechanical properties are determined by its chemical composition and depending on size, shape, wall thickness as well as Iron that is used to pour it.

Grey Iron Casting Material CI Gr.20, CI Gr.25, CI Gr.30 etc
S.G.Iron Castings Material 400/12, 450/10, 500/7, 600/3, 700/2 & Eq. Grade In Ductile Iron.
According to standards EN, ASTM (AISI), DIN, BIS, IS, BS

  • Main Frames
  • Body, Gear Box, Gear housing,Cover plates, Flanges
  • Brake Drums
  • Damper and Drive Pulleys
  • Cam shafts
  • Cover & Gear Carrier

Maximum Casting range by weight = 900 Kg

Our machine shop with latest CNC Machines is capable of machining and we have our own pattern making facilities and it is staffed with skilled machinists who work faithfully to your drawings.