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We offer sand castings and pressure die-castings of various aluminum alloys. Our products are supplied to Textile, Automobile, Electrical and home appliances sector using 120 & 90T high-pressure die casting machines and process. Our aluminum die-casting parts will be checked and tested at various stages for its dimensional, chemical and Mechanical properties before they are delivered to customers. We supply in both machined and non-machined condition depending on customer requirements.


  • Al 6061 Alloy, Aluminum (A380, ADC12, etc), Die-castings and Sand Castings.
  • Different grades can be made as per customer requirements.

Natural, Sandblasted and Oxidized Color


Sand Castings, die-castings, Turned and completely machined Aluminum components.

  • Sand Castings weight 0.5 to 100kgs
  • High Pressure die casting – weight up to 5kgs
  • Aluminum parts for textile industry
  • Rotors separators for Textile
  • Automobile components
  • Pneumatic components

Dimensional Tolerances

Machined parts +/- 0.005mm
Die-castings +/- 0.1mm
Sand castings +/- 0.5 – 1.0mm

Bestex's aluminum machining, die casting, and assembly capabilities are strengthened by our ability to provide complete secondary operations - CNC machining services & capabilities