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Bestex Gear provides a total solutions approach to specialized gear technology, allowing us to serve the particular needs of Automotive, Textile and General Engineering industries with our gear manufacturing technology.

Our gear cutting capabilities range from high volume production to one-piece prototypes. Bestex Gears has a full range of CNC Precision Machining Services, CNC turning, gear hobbing, shaping, gear and worm gear machines to offer the most precise and reliable methods for the production of close tolerance parts. Bestex gear manufacturing expertise will keep you competitive in the Engineering industry.


Type Manufacturing Capacity Standards
Spur Gears .5 to 20Module Diameter upto1.2meters As Per ASTM, IS, BS, AISI, SAE
Helical Gears 1 to 20Module Diameter upto1.2meters
Worms & Worm Wheel Wheel up to OD 1200mm
Bevel Gears Up to 20m & 1000mm Diameter
Chain Sprockets 3/16” to 2 ½” and 4 to 35 mm pitch
Rack & Pinion (Spur or Helical) 1.0 Module/ 25 D.P. to 12 Module/2.1 D.P
Timer Pulleys 5/16” to ¾” inch pitch, 8mm to 20mm
V grooved pulleys & Flat Pulleys with internal gears. From - ¼ ” – 2” Pitch, 6mm - 50mm Pitch

Bestex Gear produces gears from a wide range of material i.e., Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals and Thermoplastics as well. We manufacture all the above gears according to standard Specification and custom made as per Specifications, Drawing or Sample.

Required information for quotation:

  • Material of Construction
  • Teeth Specification - pitch in Module or DP, Helix Angle
  • Outer Diameter
  • Bore size
  • Key way size
  • Hub size if any
  • Any other requirement