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Autoconer Spares

Schlafhorst: 138, 238, 338 Autoconer Savio Orion, Espero, Ras-15 Autoconer Muratapo

Tension disk and device housing Holding ring
Connecting tube Switch cam
Opener arm in ABS Coupling half
Fan wheel Suction piece shutter
Suction arm Cam follower
Toothed wheel Z20 Support angle
Pinions Feeder arm
Gear housing and intermediate gears Sleeve
Suction connection Torsion spring
Guide support Pressure spring
Universal joint Tension lever
Filter screen Magazine carrier with turret
Slider Lever
Grooved ball bearing Gripper arm shutter
Retaining ring Plastic perforated cones
Bearing assembly Actuating fork
Break lining Yarn catcher plate
Break ring Different types of cutters